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Beata Fiebelkorn

Thank you for this convention, I feel so inspired right now!
The new thing I'm going to roll out in 2017 is a 3-month series of Birthday Card classes. 1st month Balloon Adventures, 2nd month Masculine cards (from annual catalog), 3rd month Cool Treats (my favorite from the new catalog!). We'll have cakes, cupcakes and ice cream sundae on the last one. Super excited about this! I also LOVE your idea of using a DVD case for a set of cards, I'm going to make some and see if I can sell it. Tomorrow I'll also add these classes on my blog calendar. I usually plan them every 3 months but this time I'm going to put 6 month's classes on it! Thanks again for the great ideas!

Suzanne taylor

This mini convention was great! I'm going to be consistent with my events in 2017, and I'm going to add the birthday club. I'm excited! It's been a great shot in the arm for me. Just what I needed.

Tami Weil

Hi Ronda, Thank you for yet another awesome creative convention. I love your idea for bringing birthdays back and plan to start a birthday club, as well as putting the challenge out there on Facebook. Every creative convention that I've participated in has been very inspiring to me. I had recently made a commitment to make 2017 a great year for my business and will use the tools that you provided this time to help me do that.

Thank you again!

Brenda Georgi

Thank You again! Consistency this year! I am actually going to start a stamp with lunch event at my full time job once per month. I have several customers from there that want to have a class and this will be an easy way to get more involved!

Lyn  Turnell

I'm a hobby demo and don't do much business outside of my immediate family, but I've met several other people this year who like to paper craft. Some are familiar with SU and some are not. I've decided that I'm going to be deliberate about having my crafty friends over once a month to craft together. The goal is having them play with product to get them interested in SU in the first few months and then moving by summer to offering a regular class each month.

Denise Will

Thanks Ronda! My plans for this year include having a regularly scheduled monthly class, to set aside time to blog consistently and to step out of my comfort zone to ask for bookings.


I host my events at a local hotel. As if right now I have the entire year on the books with them. I will be having a two day retreat in March. The only months they were unable to help me with were May and September. I'm brainstorming on what to do for those months and one idea I thought of is in May I would have a brunch at my home. I would have brunch for my customers and afterwards we will create cards.
Still need to plan out September.
Also, I want to contact church groups in 2017 and offer to do some card classes as a way to "funnel"
additional people into my monthly card classes.

Kimberly Schafer

As usual, this was an awesome convention! I learn so much and I appreciate the time and creativity that you and your team put in. I am going to focus on 2 things in 2017. First, schedule and advertise my monthly classes. And get the word out in January. Also, I am going to simplify my stamping style. I am an over achiever and typically create over the top cards. This is an impediment for me and my customers!
Thanks again!

Dawn Stock

Thanks so much Ronda - I LOVE THIS TRAINING!

I'm going to add the 3-month Birthday Cards class as you suggested. I'm also going to SERIOUSLY invest in the adhesives and wood mount clear cases during Sale-A-Bration to make those cute Cash-and-Carry Adhesive Kits. What a WONDERFUL idea!

Thanks so much for sharing your gifts and talents with us!

Tracy Bradley

Thank you for all of the inspiration today, Ronda! I am going to start running classes online, monthly. Today I created two cards for my first class and hope to create the rest tomorrow. Then onto my marketing and how I will tie it into Sale-a-bration. I love your idea of the Cash and Carry Adhesive Kits and the finished card kit and am brainstorming how I can use this with my online business. Thank you for all of the great ideas today!!! I'm really excited!


I am a hobby demonstrator with only a few card making groupies :) looking to get this party started, and actually start having monthly classes. I can't wait for what is in store for 2017. Haven't had a chance to watch all the videos to see what good things I can learn, because I don't see them on my link. All I have is the welcome video and the last closing session video. I will need to contact Carol tomorrow about this I guess. Otherwise, I am so excited to learn and get moving forward in 2017! Thank you Ronda

Christine Alward

Thank you Ronda and Carol for yet another event filled with very useful and inspiring information and samples anyone can copy, even me... The spark crtainly flew over to my neck of the woods, and I am going to add a 3-month birthday party to my calendar, along with one regular class. The cash and carry kits are most useful, as I happened to look at my adhesives display today, wondering how I could get more sales from this side of my business. These cases will be on display at my first event in January. Consistency is my problem, so it will be my big goal for 2017 to be consistent in blogging, holding events and team meetings.
Ronda, you have become my anchor when I start drifting, my wall to lean on when I feel weak, you, your whole team and the members of your groups are my friends who I can turn to when I need support, I cannot put in words how much help you provided to me, not just for my tiny business, but for me and my soul. Thank you all for everything.

Katrina Wolfe

Plan #1 for me is consistency. I am currently looking for a place to hold classes outside of my home as I have found holding them here disrupts home life a little too much and because of my extreme rural residence people don't want to travel this far. 2nd, I love the idea of doing a series on birthdays. Everyone has one and everyone needs a card to send at some point. Great mini convention! Thank you!

Marti Crapo

Love this convention. I have a ton of great ideas for the new year. As I already mentioned, I am starting a new technique club in January. I am so excited to add a birthday club, but I will wait to add that later in the year. I think the most important thing I need to do is to find new customers. That is going to be my focus in the new year. I am making a list of ways to do that now and I will start strong in 2017.

Lynn Starzl

My #1 plan is to finally do a video. I like the adhesive package also and will get those made up, too.

Theresa Stufano

Thank you so much Ronda. I really enjoyed this mini convention. You are truly inspiring to me! I am going to do the birthday club and cases of cards to sell. I'm so excited that I can't wait to get. Started. Many blessings to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hugs, Theresa

Stephanie Mangus

As my customers are all long distance, I'm going to do two things - 1) Do better/more consistent job of sharing photos of projects I'm working on or stamp sets I know they have with them via our facebook chat. And, 2) I'm going to aim for at least 4 'classes by mail' with this group where I send them the pre-cut supplies make a few projects. They won't buy stuff if they aren't USING their stuff!

Anne Harmon

new for me in 2017 will be an online presence with social media.

Margaret Spencer

Hello Ronda ~ You have inspired me to intentionally sit down and listen for that small voice in the quiet ... I have those four steps written down on a separate sheet in my notebook to record my thoughts, to free associate with some of the them. I, too, thrive on people; I love to teach. I have begun to add more specific 'teaching' notes in my blog posts. In 2017 I do know that I am launching a club/series focusing on birthdays, but it will be a So Glad ~ So Sad series as many of my gals need more and more sympathy and thinking of you cards, as well as birthday. Each month we will make 3 designs for birthday and one design for sympathy ~ and I am excited for this roll out! And I have begun another list of possible hosts because I need more customers. Thank you so much for offering this mini online convention! I know I will refer back to it in the new year! Merry Christmas!


I'm excited because I'm 'launching my new studio in January- along with kicking off SAB! My theme was a Birthday bash - YOU helped me with my thoughts - funny I had ordered the cases some adhesives and rhinestones - so now I'm ready to build on what you offered today. I already have 10 classes that are full and wondered how to add one more... an Monthly birthday bash is what was needed! -thank you thank you thank you!

Trisha Hugulet

Thank you for an amazing training once again Ronda! All of you involved put your hearts into what you do. Thank you so much. I cannot wait until my package gets here so that I can dive into the products! I just scheduled my first event for 2017 today!!! January 7 is the day. I am so excited to hit the ground running. I love the idea of the adhesive boxes. I am confused as to how these are OK to have on hand with the no cash and carry policy. I thought the only cash and carry item that is Ok was Paper Pumpkin. Would you please clarify? I don't want to break any policies. Thank you again for this training Ronda!

Laurie Servis

Thank you so very much for another shot in the arm! I always feel ready to take on the world after viewing your trainings. For 2017 I am planning on adding a memory keeping club on the 2nd Saturday of the month and turning my card class into a birthday club. I think that's a brilliant idea and can't wait to get started. The adhesive box is another addition that I think is one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments! Thank you for all the hard work I know you all put into creating this. It is VERY appreciated!!

Mary Dredge

Always full of great ideas. I love your ideas on selling cards. I try to sell them one off, but realize how cumbersome it is for people to just search through a bunch of cards. I am going to work on selling in batches. I feel by removing the clutter of old and new cards, I can create space for new ideas, keep on top of new product and keep the mojo flowing!

Cara Payzant

Thank you for another great creative convention! I have written goals and consistent card classes on the 2nd Friday of every month is the biggest thing I am making happen this hear. I LOVE the adhesive case and Card case sets and I intend to incorporate those into my business as well. Thank you for the time, effort and love you put into these conventions; this is my 3rd one and they have been instrumental in my business growing!

Vicki Restainer

Hi Ronda,

I love the tool kit. I will be making them right away. I'm also going to call my past clients and ask them to come back and bring a new friend with them. Foe that I will have a treat for them.

Thanks so much for your inspiration.

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