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Beata Fiebelkorn

My voice in my head's been telling me to get more organized in all areas of my life, my home, my family, and my Stampin' up hobby/business. Want to learn how not to get overwhelmed, how to plan better. My #1 goal in 2017 is to learn how to make videos and see how I can use them with my current (very small) customer base. I also would like to learn more about blogging on the SU site, and post regularly there. But planning ahead is what I want to learn, that's the reason for me to take this class today.

Lynda Falconer

That small voice has had a lot to say to me lately! I have been adding pieces to my business over the last year- blog, newsletter, videos, Facebook, Facebook live. My goal for the coming year is to get on a regular schedule and be consistent with what I have going. I'd like to do a FB video and a tutorial video every week. The totally new goal is to start online classes. I took your recent online training and am still researching. This mini conference is actually part of my research! So fun! Goal is to do 1 online class each month in 2017. Thanks for keeping it real!

Marti Crapo

I am inspired by this challenge. Before hearing your training videos, I had planned to start a technique club, structured very much like your birthday club. On reflection, I am still excited about my plan but I know that I have to bring commitment and consistency to the plan or it will not succeed. I will be scheduling the meetings for a whole year and adding it to another regular class that I hold every month. With your help, I am slowly growing my business. After getting my technique club going, I will be working on planning a birthday or RAK challenge to be posted online as well as advertised at clubs and classes. This will be a part of my business that will be very special to me and I am excited to start planning for it.

Liz Gautreaux

Thank you for the inspiration! My small voice is telling me consistency. My goal for 2017 is to hold weekly classes, one being a birthday club. Love these trainings.

Janet Angi


Again I can only say is Wow. My little voice is telling me to do what Ronda says. I have schedule my classes for January and February and have one booking so.
As always thank you for allowing me part of your team.

Denise Will

My voice has been yelling at me loudly to get up and get busy! My goal is to blog consistently and develop a schedule of regular events!

De Brincku

I was working today so I missed these little prize patrols :(
As for the small quiet voice...He is quite :) Not sure on what God would like for me to do. I do need to spend that quite time to see what He has in store for me. I need help in actually taking action. This is why I have signed up for this lovely Mini Convention Online. I am so thankful for Ronda and her generosity of helping to guide us. I am in hopes to one day in the near future have a successful, creative, and fun for everyone SU business!

Mary Dredge

So inspirational - I struggle with where to take my business. The little voice tells me to keep moving forward and find balance, but I feel I am going no where. I want my business to grow, but it just keeps shrinking. I found my helping others but don't know how to incorporate it into my business. Maybe its not my time, yet. Thanks for everything you do and say, Ronda - it has truly kept me moving forward.

Cara Payzant

The Lord has very clearly been telling me and my husband that now is the time to work on and build my business. So, I've written down clear goals, talked them over with my husband, and Erica and then sent them to her to keep me accountable. I'm excited to see what the Lord has planned for me in 2017! Thank you for encouraging, teaching and pushing us to be better versions of ourselves.


Jennifer Drake

So inspirational and so needed! I have been thinking a lot about my business me I think I want to set up a blog. Since I am disabled this is a good way to reach out to others and share my creativity. I will definitely need to do some research but I am very excited about is. My other goal is to prepare for and participate in 1 fall craft fair. I really enjoyed the training on that in the fall and I would love to give it a try!


Thank you! I really needed this push! I have been wanting to learn how to apply a PayPal button to my website and hold online classes offerings. Yes, it may take me several months to do it, but I have outlined steps and ways to achieve this.
I have met so many wonderful people anf friends through stamping....it is such a worthwhile way to spend my time!!

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